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Unlimited Support… The fine print.

  1. Introduction: At Rich Bullock Web Services, we’re committed to providing our clients with exceptional unlimited support. However, to ensure fairness and quality service to all our clients, certain limitations apply.
  2. Nature of Support: Our “Unlimited Support” primarily covers:
  • Minor website amendments and updates.
  • Resolution of standard queries related to the website’s functionality and features.
  • Guidance on basic use and navigation of the website.
  1. Exclusions: The following requests fall outside the “Unlimited Support” scope:
  • Complete website redesign or overhauls.
  • Addition of new features or functionalities that weren’t part of the original agreement.
  • Support for third-party plugins, tools, or integrations not provided by Rich Bullock Web Services.
  1. Fair Usage Policy:
  • While we don’t limit the number of support requests, a fair usage policy ensures that all clients receive equal attention and high-quality service.
  • In periods of high demand, we might prioritize requests based on urgency and impact.
  1. Response Time:
  • We strive to respond to all queries within our standard business hours. However, the resolution time may vary based on the complexity of the request.
  1. Additional Work:
  • If a support request falls outside the defined “Unlimited Support” boundaries, we will notify the client in advance. Any additional work may be subject to extra charges, which will be discussed and agreed upon before commencement.
  1. Policy Reviews and Changes:
  • Rich Bullock Web Services reserves the right to update or modify this policy at any time. Clients will be notified of any significant changes.
  1. Conclusion: Our goal is to offer consistent, high-quality support to all our clients. This policy ensures that we can deliver on our promise while maintaining the highest service standards.

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